6 Reasons Why Flashing Is The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair

Hello, Flash Squad! For those of you new to Flashing, we wanted to give you a quick breakdown of what devotees of DERMAFLASH and DERMAFLASH LUXE already know! Dermaplaning—or flashing—is indeed the best form of hair removal around and offers many positive benefits! Below we breakdown the top six reasons why flashing is the most optimal form of facial hair removal to date!


Non Toxic Hair Removal

With all of the scary unregulated toxins and potentially harmful byproducts in beauty products, it’s nice to have a safe and effective hair removing option like DERMAFLASH. Dermaplaning is a wonderful alternative to waxing because it does not cause harmful allergic reactions and can be performed on oneself without the downtime or redness caused by waxing.


A Clean Feminine Shave

Get smoother skin a flash by removing pesky facial hair and unwanted shadows caused by unsightly hair that routinely appears anywhere on the face. DERMAFLASH LUXE guarantees the immediate removal of dead skin and peach fuzz for a polished makeup application, better skincare absorption, and overall radiance. Removing facial hair with our easy-to-use dermaplaning method leaves your skin baby soft and ultra smooth in a matter of minutes.


Quick and Painless

Bye, bye waxing! We don’t know anyone who actually enjoys a waxing experience. Do you? Reason is, even gentle wax delivered by the most talented clinician is still often painful! In addition, those of us with sensitive skin can suffer unexpected allergic reactions that can last for months. Take my experience as a warning! Avoid the discomfort and potential repercussions of waxing by sticking to our dermaplaning device for easy hair removal.


Long Lasting Results

Not only can you avoid harsh exfoliation, the discomforts of waxing, and the pitfalls of scheduling treatments, but using your DERMAFLASH LUXE actually helps slow down the regrowth of hair, while allowing softer (less coarse) hair to come in over time.



No more having to schedule your appointment, rushing to the spa to remove pesky peach fuzz and unwanted shadows on the face (especially before a big event or spontaneous outing). Opt for a do-it-yourself dermaplaning exfoliation treatment in the comfort of your own home. Let your schedule dictate when its best to remove unwanted hair! Furthermore, the DERMAFLASH LUXE patented design safely removes hair without the threat of a sharp scalpel (no need to worry about nicks) that can cause further irritation on sensitive skin. In addition, the one-time expense of  DERMAFLASH LUXE typically costs less than one to two hair removal salon treatments—so your dermaplaning device more than pays for itself.


Anti-Aging Benefits

Dermaplaning not only removes dead layers from the surface of your skin that blocks skincare from doing its job—it helps skin look automatically more youthful. Removing dry patchy layers helps clear up dullness, breakouts, and premature aging. Gentle exfoliation with your DERMAFLASH device removes pore-clogging debris, harmful bacteria, and unwanted hair that contributes to premature aging and lack of luster.


Don’t get caught with unwanted hair and the drama it wrecks on your skin this winter. Give dermaplaning a try and thank us later.

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