Famous Lady Face Shavers

Pop quiz: Which of these famous women shaved her face to get rid of peach fuzz?

A) Marilyn Monroe

B) Elizabeth Taylor

C) Cleopatra

D) All of the above

If you guessed D, you’re right. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Every woman has facial hair (yes, even Liz Taylor and Marilyn Monroe). Both Taylor and Monroe famously shaved their faces in order to get rid of peach fuzz. It was their secret weapon for looking more youthful when the camera caught the light reflecting off their radiant skin.

So if you’re looking to take your selfies to the next level, take a hint from old Hollywood and get rid of peach fuzz so you’re always close-up ready!

Now we know you’ve heard of walking like an Egyptian, but what about shaving like one? Cleopatra is believed to have removed all the hair on her body, as was custom amongst ancient Egyptian women, including the hair on her head. She would have undoubtedly encountered razors of flint or bronze, lots of plucking (ouch!) as well as the earliest forms of waxing (with actual beeswax).

While we don’t know exactly what she used to get rid of peach fuzz on her face, we think it’s pretty safe to say it was a painful process. If only DERMAFLASH had been available in 50 B.C., it could have been so much easier for Cleopatra to achieve her world-renowned radiant skin.

By the way, have you ever noticed just how hairless everyone is in iconic Greek and Roman statutes or Renaissance paintings? We’re looking at you, Aphrodite. That’s because even in the Middle Ages, women went to great lengths to get rid of peach fuzz and facial hair, particularly their eyebrows to redraw them higher in the fashion of Elizabeth I.

So what have we learned today? Every woman has facial hair, whether it’s Liz Taylor playing Cleopatra, or the Queen of the Nile herself.

We also learned it’s easier and safer than ever to get rid of peach fuzz and get glowing, radiant skin. We are pretty sure we know what Marilyn Monroe would say about that:“We are all stars, but we must learn how to shine.”

Author: Amber Smith

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