Honoring our founder, Dara Levy, for International Women’s Month

With International Women’s month in full swing, there has never been a better time to pay tribute to some of the most courageous and determined female inventors who are leading the charge in innovative beauty.

With that said, we are putting our focus the founder of DERMAFLASH, Dara Levy, a powerhouse female inventor who created an entirely NEW category in the beauty space: at-home dermaplaning.

Dara disrupted the skin care industry by creating an entirely new category in beauty with DERMAFLASH, the first ever at-home dermaplaning system.  DERMAFLASH is truly a magic wand that instantly reveals smooth, radiant, younger skin. The innovations continue with the brands latest device DERMAPORE, an ultrasonic cleansing device that stores can’t keep in stock.

Dara has always strived to raise and lift women up in the industry. One thing that sets DERMAFLASH apart is that it is an all-women workforce – from Dara’s CEO to her field staff – but that has not always been the case!


Prior to creating DERMAFLASH, Dara was an institutional broker at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in Chicago. With a staff of 15 men, she was only 1 of a handful of female members and ended up marrying a trader from the floor. Sadly, he was diagnosed with cancer, and when he lost his battle, she decided it was time to make a change. In 2009, Dara opened a MedSpa where the foundation of all her services was her trademarked DERMAFLASH Facial, a dermaplaning procedure that required the use of a sterile, surgical scalpel to remove dead skin cells, built-up debris, and pesky peach fuzz.

As her Med-Spa took off, Levy began brainstorming other ways to grow her business. Of course, formulating a topical skincare line seemed like the natural next step, but of course, being the innovator that she is, Levy had to take it to the next level. That’s when the award-winning idea came to her in the shower and she screamed, “OMG! It’s DERMAFLASH!” at the top of her lungs. “I went running out of the shower soaking wet and immediately began to make phone calls,” says Levy.


DERMAFLASH brings in-spa dermaplaning to the privacy of your home. Powered by Sonic Edge Technology, this anti-aging magic wand instantly removes the oldest layer of dead skin cells, while at the same time whisking away peach fuzz to instantly reveal smooth, glowing, younger-looking skin.

Since the launch, Dara has disrupted the industry as a leading innovator, rolling-out DERMAFLASH, and DERMAPORE to all NORDSTROM doors and other leading retailers, partnering with leading beauty organizations such as Guthy | Renker and QVC and continuing to grow year after year. And this is JUST the beginning for Dara and her business — we can’t wait to share with you what’s in the upcoming pipeline!


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