Hot Pink is the NEW Millennial Pink

A History On The Everlasting Appeal of Pink’s Most Powerful Hue

This week’s launch of DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE—HOT PINK has us seeing #HotPinkEverything. In celebration of our most vibrant color story yet, we’re honoring the history of all things hot pink—a color that never goes out of style.

The color pink comes in many varying shades for good reason—most women have a distinct favorite. Almost any woman you know is attracted to at least one shade of pink and holds fond memories of the color. A particular shade of pink can remind us of our childhood, a rose stamped in our favorite book, or fond memories of a ribbon that once fastened our locks. Like fragrance, pink is often tied to memory—one that is ever etched in the fabric of our lives.

Pink evokes passion, so by nature, hot pink is reserved for the most intense of admiration—especially in the beauty industry. The vibrant color often adorns our favorite products, dresses a hot limited release, or fills our feeds with the latest beauty launch.

But why? Why are we so drawn to the sassiest shade of pink? Why is hot pink’s color appeal so universal?

In a word, it’s timeless.

According to research on Merriam Webster, the color’s origins date back as far as 1849, even dubbed as the color that will “change your life” in 1940. We see not much has changed!

The San Antonio Express named hot pink as the new color success for spring in 1940.

We believe the power of hot pink is its ability to resonate across all ages and demographics and its ability to create an emotional attachment. Think about how iconic brands like the original Beauty Blender, based an entire businesses on the color hot pink.

As color trends come and go, hot pink in all its variations, seems to be a mainstay. Pantone announced 2019 will be the year we’re seduced by spicier colors and flirty shades inspired by ‘fetish foods’. By default, DERMAFLASH is predicting hot pink will be having a serious moment.

Hot Pink is a movement—reserved for the celebrations of women and the battles we wage together. It is the symbol of strength and a visual reminder of love and acceptance. Pink evokes passion, so Hot Pink often symbolizes playful intensity and pure joy.

Hot Pink ignites a universal emotional attachment and communicates energy like no other color.

We dressed our latest DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE in HOT PINK because the color evokes action and increases your pulse in all the right ways. HOT PINK is transformative and motivational.

Referencing The Psychology of Pink, HOT PINK inspires a more passionate, playful and sensual love. It exudes warmth and happiness and a love of life.

And since pink in business is used to evoke compassion and everlasting love—we wanted to inspire all women to be empowered, feel pretty in pink, and love the skin they’re in with DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE in HOT PINK.

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