How to Make the Most of Your Holiday GLOW with DERMAFLASH

‘Tis the season, Flash Squad!

It’s that time of year when we want to look and feel our absolute best. Whether you’re making the holiday party rounds or simply cozying up with your loved ones, we’re all looking for new tips and tricks to get our glow on.

Today’s beauty scoop includes dishing about our favorite recipe for making the most of a holiday glow while getting quality Z’s.

Our secret? Beauty cocktails, of course!

We have long sung the virtues of beauty ingestibles at DERMAFLASH, so we’re opening up our in-house “menu of musts” to deliver the 411 on how-to cash in on that beauty sleep to minimize fine lines, boost clarity, smooth away winter skin and maximize that radiance!

Like a great cocktail, our product choices are natural and short on ingredients—but truly pack a punch! We promise your skin will drink up these nutrients and the results will show instantly.

As any mixologist will tell you, an amazing cocktail always starts with a great base and ours just happens to be our signature secret to baby soft, fuzz-free skin—the DERMAFLASH 2.O LUXE device. We promise, once you Flash, you never go back! When you’ve experienced the removal of peach fuzz and dead skin, your complexion will instantly have an effervescent glow and retain moisture like never before!

After we’ve exfoliated our skin, we apply Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial to gently resurface our winter skin and reveal a youthful gleam. We like this DIY facial because it helps rid our skin of dullness with professional grade AHA/BHA—in a safe, clean way. Honestly, we love how our DERMAFLASH 2.O LUXE perfectly pairs to exfoliate and prime the skin for further removal of built-up dead skin cells with T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. It is truly the perfect first step to get your skin in check.

We say goodbye to dry and problematic skin all winter long with this healthy systematic beauty approach. Consider us #DrunkInLove!

After we’ve wiped off our Babyfacial mask, we next apply Glow Recipe’s Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask to smooth and plump up our skin overnight. This pretty pink product is seriously the yummiest night mask we’ve ever tried as it soaks into our skin ever so deliciously.

Designed to be ‘pillow proof’—this breathable mask completely quenches our skin without clogging our pores, delivering juicy, supple skin overnight. This sleep mask contains watermelon extract, hydrating hyaluronic acid and another spritz of AHAs to clarify for amazing radiant skin!

If avocados are more your thing, Glow Recipe is also launching a NEW Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask that promises to #avocuddle your skin’s natural hydration to awaken firm, moisture-rich skin with the help of PHA (a more gentle version of AHAs) to gently improve your skin’s surface without disrupting the delicate layers that can cause irritation.

Prefer the simplicity of a sheet mask? Try Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Mask, sold at one of our favorite clean beauty meccas—Credo Beauty. Get three affordable, yet super luxe, hydrogel masks containing the vegan benefits of florals, aloe and fruits to soothe the skin and ease into quiet slumber. We also recommend these on ice to melt away stress and cool down puffy eyes.

Last on our list is a concoction that you can sip! On the topic of ingestible beauty, we understand how gut health is intrinsically tied to glowing skin.

Not only do we love to apply masks topically to pamper our skin, but we also love to make smoothies and tonics with delicious beauty powders and liquids with the help of The Beauty Chef.

The Beauty Chef’s beauty philosophy is tied to the principal that beauty begins in the belly and that probiotics are crucial to clear skin. With that in mind, we recommend a beauty tonic at night or a beauty smoothie in the morning.

To amp up our beauty sleep and glow appeal overnight, we LOVE The Beauty Chef’s Sleep Inner Beauty Powder. It helps lull us to sleep knowing we are combatting fatigue, hormones and rejuvenating our skin with the help of rich antioxidants. We call this powder the best nighttime beauty medicine because it replenishes and repairs our skin from the inside out.

For the ultimate skin-recovering indulgence, we recommend whipping this yummy sleep powder into a hot cup of nut milk as a nighttime decaffeinated latte, mixing it into a jasmine nighttime tea, or cozying up to a warm sleepy chai.

So what’s your nightly beauty routine? Do you have a beauty cocktail recipe you’d like to share?

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