Icy Green Is Here!

It’s official- Spring has sprung! And there’s no better way to ramp up for the warmer months ahead than with this season’s color- icy green! Not only does it lighten up your look- but also lightens up your mood. 

This is the color you’ll be double-tapping, adding to cart, and ultimately wearing throughout the year.

Icy green takes the cake when it comes to cool. What better way to chill out this Spring and stay on trend than with our brand new Icy Green DERMAFLASH LUXE!

Your Icy Green DERMAFLASH LUXE will not only add a revitalizing feel to your bathroom counter, it will add excitement to your look! Take the cool hue to the streets by dabbing a little minty cool shadow across your lids for a punchy pop that accentuates any eye color. It’s a definite win-win.

Marie Kondo those dark, jewel tones and vampy lip colors of the winter months. Lighten up your canvas and have fun with this energizing color. Flattering on almost all skin tones and so attractive in combination with practically all shades of the rainbow, what’s not to love?

Flashing with DERMAFLASH LUXE is a necessary addition to your Spring beauty routine, invigorating skin by removing dead skin cells, diminishing fine lines, and lessening the appearance of sun spots.  DERMAFLASH LUXE leaves your skin smooth and glowing, providing a flawless canvas for your makeup and allowing your skincare products to effectively penetrate the skin.

Turn your skin into your freshest accessory this season with Icy Green DERMAFLASH LUXE. 

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