Do you know the best part about DERMAFLASH besides the results? Our founder Dara Levy. With years of beauty experience, Dara crafted DERMAFLASH to be a revolutionary skincare device made just for women. She saw a missed market for effective exfoliators with the added benefit of hair removal and worked day and night to bring this treatment to the world. But it’s more her heart that makes her a role model. 

And we aren’t the only one’s that see it. This month, Dara shares how she started DERMAFLASH and what’s most important to her in an interview with Live The Process. Below are a few of our favorite quotes. 

“I have been dermaplaning religiously for over fifteen years. A friend swore dermaplaning was responsible for her perfect skin. I tried it and was hooked after my first treatment.”

“Our skin cells turn over every 28 days. If we do not exfoliate, those cells build up and lead to a dull complexion. This buildup impedes our skincare from doing its work and pesky peach fuzz gets in the way of makeup and powder. When we remove the buildup on our faces, we reveal the soft, smooth, luminous skin waiting beneath.”

“I think there is a master plan already in place for us all. I know that I am right where I belong at any given moment. Everything is a life lesson and, if you view your experiences with an open mind, they prepare you for what is coming next.”

“I think it is incredibly important to be aware of all the good in your life and to celebrate your successes. If you’re constantly working for “the next thing,” you really miss out on life’s sweetness.”

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