Meet the Flash Squad: Jorie

Hi! My name is Jorie and I am the social media coordinator, and face of the brand here at DERMAFLASH.

As social media coordinator, I curate all of our Instagram creative and post on behalf of the brand every day. I reply back to all inquiries and questions about DERMAFLASH. I work one on one with our influencers and help spread the magic of DERMAFLASH to skin care junkies and makeup artists around the world.

I also happen to be the daughter of our wonderful founder and inventor, Dara. Working with my mom is a special and unique opportunity that I cherish. I am so proud of what she has created from a mere idea. I am often referred to as our “Master Flasher”, I am communicating and educating consumers on a daily basis, helping them better understand our brand, and how to get the very best results from their DERMAFLASH treatment.

Where are you from?

I am from the northern suburbs of Chicago and have lived in the Midwest for most of my life.

What skincare products do you love?

The skincare brands that I love the most are Drunk Elephant, Estee Lauder, and of course DERMAFLASH

What is your office uniform?

My office uniform usually consists of high-waisted jeans, Converse or Vans, and a T-shirt. Comfort is key in my life.

Who is your beauty icon or favorite celeb?

My style icon is Bella Hadid, I love streetwear and she pulls it off perfectly!

Dream vacation?

My dream vacation would be to the Maldives with unlimited fish to eat and yummy cocktails to drink.

What would your last meal be?

I love food, my last meal would be absolutely massive. It would consist of sushi, pizza, cheeseburgers, chow mein, dumplings, burritos, salami, oysters, blue cheese olives, stone crab, spaghetti bolognese and a soy matcha latte. Yum!

What is your favorite DERMAFLASH memory?

My favorite DERMAFLASH memory is a hard one to answer. The DERMAFLASH family makes me laugh every single day, there are far too many memories to comb through to pick a favorite.

Author: Jorie Fieldman

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