Set-Up A Seamless Dermaplaning Routine—In 3 Ways

Hello, Flash Squad! By now we’re sure you are already experiencing the immediate and lasting benefits of dermaplaning! The fresh skin, the smoother makeup application, the better absorption of topical ingredients, the deep exfoliation and that glowing, fuzz-free complexion to name a few!


But did you know that setting up a dermaplaning routine is super easy and actually a breeze to keep up with?!

Below we highlight some of the clever ways you can implement a hassle-free, dermaplaning routine with your DERMAFLASH device of choice…starting today!


Schedule It With Weekly Shaving

Use DERMAFLASH or DERMAFLASH LUXE as part of your regular grooming routine. Flash before or after the shower on the day you shave your legs to keep your hair removal maintenance all on the same schedule. This also makes remembering to Flash that much easier!


Implement A Self Care Sunday Routine

Work dermaplaning in as part of your Self Care Sunday Routine once or twice a month to make sure pesky hairs are gone—and your skin is always free of peach fuzz. This is why it’s important to keep your DERMAFLASH device charged and ready—and your blades up to date.

Our Essentials replenishing kit includes the benefit of our PREFLASH skin-prep, FLASH Edges designed for safe, efficient, hygienic removal of facial hair, and POSTFLASH lotion to hydrate and balance your skin after every treatment.  Keep a set schedule (a reminder on your phone is always a good idea) when ordering your Essentials DERMAFLASH Replenishment Kits to make sure you always have enough blades at the ready!


Schedule It With Brow Maintenance

We all know the importance of keep our brows in check, but balancing all unsightly facial hair is as important. Don’t let impromptu plans get in the way of you looking polished and feeling your best. Schedule at-home dermaplaning with brow threading, brow waxing appointments, or even your own brow plucking sesh! We love dermplaning because we find it super relaxing and invigorating to remove unwanted hair, dry skin, and gunk build-up! We love pairing our DERMAFLASH treatments with our DERMAPORE pore extracting treatments for a complete at-home spa facial. Our 2-in-1 ultrasonic device helps further unclog pores, even out skin, and remove unwanted dryness. Reveal more radiant skin by also using the serum infuser feature for smoother, brighter, cleaner skin…in a flash!

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