The 5 Skincare Steps of DERMAFLASH

When it comes to sticking to an effective skin care regimen, we know it can be confusing.

We all want beauty tips for glowing skin, but we need to make sense of everything out there in order to achieve it.

Even for those of us who live for beauty products and anti-aging skin potions, it’s hard to know in which order to apply products, how everything works together, how many times a week, and if a product should go on in the morning or evening.

If you’re already a bonafide Flasher and looking to incorporate our new skincare offerings into your routine, read along to get the step-by-step breakdown of how it all works together.


Our PREFLASH cleanser contains top-rated facial exfoliators, like salicylic acid, papain (an enzyme derived from papaya fruit), and a coconut-based surfactant to properly prepare the skin to be FLASHED. It’s a robust cleanser, meant to leave the skin squeaky clean. If your skin is oily, it’s fine to use every day. If your skin is more combination to dry, reserve this one for just before your DERMAFLASH treatment. (1x week, before using DERMAFLASH. I like to FLASH at night, but as long as you’re using sunscreen, you can perform the treatment AM or PM.)

Step 2: FLASH

Dermaplaning at home is now a thing! Thank you, DERMAFLASH. Flashing is the best way to get professional-level results, for a fraction of the cost. Make sure your skin is thoroughly cleansed with PREFLASH and completely dry to the touch. Proceed to Flash, holding the skin tight and working in the opposite direction, using short, feathery strokes. Use a fresh Edge every time you Flash and watch your skin improve week after week! (1x week, AM or PM.)

Step 3: FLASH & GLOW Resurfacing Peel Pads

The best way to exfoliate? Make it a double. Your DERMAFLASH treatment acts as the perfect physical exfoliation; you’ll get rid of peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Our new FLASH & GLOW peel pads take the exfoliation treatment a step further. FLASH & GLOW peel pads combine glycolic and salicylic acids to further reveal your most radiant skin. Use these pads 24 hours after you Flash and see your face glow! (3x week, wait 24 hours after Flashing, PM.)


After you stimulate the skin, you need to feed the skin. POSTFLASH moisturizer is a powerful antioxidant cream, providing soothing hydration and protection to the skin. Green tea, ceramides, sodium hyaluronate, and caffeine work together to nourish and support the skin. (AM or PM, most effective after using your DERMAFLASH or FLASH & GLOW Resurfacing Peel Pads.)


We have to protect our skin after we’ve used the top rated facial exfoliation provided by our DERMAFLASH device and Flash & Glow Resurfacing Peel Pads. DERMAPROTECT is a mineral-based sunscreen, with high levels of zinc oxide and antioxidants. This sunscreen acts as a make-up primer and helps to even out the skin with a super-flattering, universal tint. It’s weightless, powerful, environmentally friendly, helps with oil control and should be a part of your daily routine! (7 x week, AM.)


Author: Melissa Wilson

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