We already talked about how to help your skin get summer-ready, but beyond the prep and polishing, sometimes we also want a little glow before going out. Since we wouldn’t dare bask in the sun for hours to get that bronzed look, we turn to self-tanners. Self-tanners do require a little prep and practice to master, so in order to help you achieve the best application, we’ve got a few tips to start you off. 


Exfoliating before application is quite possibly the most important step in your skin prep routine (besides protecting those palms of yours from turning orange), and if your skin is not well hydrated, this will be your saving grace. You can use a natural loofah sponge or scrub to slough dead skin off of your body, and turn to a facial exfoliator like DERMAFLASH to remove all the built up debris and dead skin cells on your face. The added benefit is DERMAFLASH also get’s rid of pesky peach fuzz as well!!

Wash It Off

After you have exfoliated, keep in mind that you should shower in warm water and use a light non-moisturizing soap to remove any excess dead skin. You can then use an in-shower self tanner like St. Tropez Gradual Tan or step out of the shower and dry off for the next step. Once you’ve towel dried, you can apply lotion to lightly introduce moisture back into your skin and prep your body for your favorite bronzing potion.

Wax or Shave before Application

If you need to get a manicure, shave your legs or dye your hair, it’s advised to do so before applying any self-tanner. Chemicals, excess hair and even just the motions involved in any of these activities can remove the color you’re applying. If you can’t live without your monthly wax before self-tanning, make sure wait 24 hours after doing so before applying tanner. This insures application will not be blotchy and will help your faux glow last longer. 

Taking the time

Self-tanner can take awhile to appear and set, and if a summer glow is what you desire, then make sure you have ample time for your tan to develop. Since we all want to put our best face forward, make sure to be extra careful with applying product to your face. You can achieve basic coverage, but to ensure an even complexion take a cotton swab with a little product on it and blend out around nose, eyes, the hairline and lips.