The Invention of DERMAFLASH

My personal beauty routine revolved around dermaplaning for years. I fell in love with the treatment because it literally changed my skin and the results were instant.

Before opening the doors to my Med Spa,  I decided to make dermaplaning the foundation of all services we offered, and trademarked DERMAFLASH® as the name of our dermaplaning facial treatment.

My spa became the go-to destination for what quickly became a cult treatment.

I was inspired every single day as women would leave the treatment room looking radiant and beaming with newfound confidence.  When you look good, you feel good and when you feel good there is absolutely nothing you cannot do.

Five years and 6,000 DERMAFLASH treatments later, I had an epiphany! ALL women want to feel better in their own skin; and everyone desires smooth, radiant, fuzz-free complexions–yet many women do not have access to a spa that offers dermaplaning, and the cost of a single treatment is prohibitive to most.  I realized an at-home dermaplaning solution did not exist and decided to create it.

In 2016, DERMAFLASH, THE at-home sonic dermaplaning device was born.

When I invented DERMAFLASH, I instantly created a NEW category in beauty. Although some say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, don’t be fooled by the copy cats.  Those are made by men who saw an innovative idea, yet have no clue what women truly desire. DERMAFLASH was created by a woman for ALL women regardless of age, skin tone, type or color.

DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE is so much more than peach fuzz removal…it’s exfoliation on steroids; and like a magic wand, empowers women to instantly reveal smooth, radiant, younger-looking skin in the privacy of their own homes on their own schedules.

I always say, “the skin you want is lying just beneath the skin you see,” and DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE instantly reveals it.

I am incredibly humbled and filled with pride each time a woman thanks me for changing her skin.

DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE is the greatest achievement of my professional life and I am thrilled to share it with women everywhere.  We need to support, empower and build each other up.

There is no feeling greater than loving the way you look and feeling good about yourself!


Dara Levy

Founder and inventor of DERMAFLASH

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