What is Kao Saori?

In the beauty world, we strive to find the perfect balance between honoring ancient remedies and taking advantage of modern technology.

Japan, especially, is a part of the world that beautifully blends ritual and modern advances to honor both past and present. The Japanese term Kao Saori, a term that literally means “shaved face”, is one that calls to mind the simplicity of using a blade to shave one’s skin; but when we look at the modern application, technology has (gratefully) evolved.

In Japan, women have been “shaving” the face in order to achieve dewy, hairless, flawless skin. Even though shaving may seem unusual for a female to perform on the face, what was once considered taboo can be reinvented now that we understand the benefits and the desired outcome.

Shaving acts as a potent exfoliator, taking off dead skin cells and peach fuzz. When we remove both dead skin and vellus hair (both of which EVERY woman has), we remove the barrier to skincare product penetration and reveal skin that you never knew could look so good.

As DERMAFLASH founder, Dara Levy, likes to say “the skin you want is hiding just beneath the skin that you see.” Kao Saori can now be done at home — safely, elegantly, and with a quite a bit less risk than an open blade offers.

DERMAFLASH is today’s answer to Kao Sori and we know you’ll love the glowing result!

-Melissa Wilson

DERMAFLASH Skincare Education Manager

Author: Melissa Wilson

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