Why DERMAFLASH is the Holy Grail Product You Can’t Live Without

Hello, beautiful! We bet you have your favorite beauty items you simply can’t live without—and we hope one of them is your trusty DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE. As many of our devotees can attest, there are many reasons why our beloved DERMAFLASH dermaplaning device is worthy of holy grail status. Read on as we highlight 5 of the top reasons our one-of-a-kind fuzz-free exfoliator worthy of your top drawer.


Expert Exfoliation

Dermaplaning with your DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE instantly removes dead skin and stubborn dryness. We recommend using your exfoliation device every week to improv dull skin. In fact, exfoliating on a regular basis can make a considerable difference in how your skin looks and feels.

Comparable to expensive spa treatments, using DERMAFLASH painlessly sloughs away the top layer of dead skin, dirt, grime, and any other debris that can sit heavily on one’s face for months at a time. Shaving off dead skin will automatically leave your complexion looking fresh, alleviating clogged pores.

In addition, using our at-home treatment device physically exfoliates skin to provide instant radiance—without the added expense of time and money. And for those with sensitive skin, one can gently flash to avoid the redness of harsher in-office exfoliation sessions.


No Makeup, Makeup

Another upside to dermaplaning with our facial treatment device is a brightened complexion. Many of our clients report wearing less makeup, or any makeup at all post-treatment, because they want to highlight their natural glow and smooth complexion. Other beauty bonuses included reduced pores and the softening of visible lines.


Product Efficacy

No matter your age or skin type, one can benefit from dermaplaning as skincare will seep into the skin deeper and work as intended. Yes, flashing enhances the power of skincare products by erasing the barrier to penetration—making it a must-have, holy grail item!

By removing the layer of dead skin that sits at the surface, serums and creams will sink deep into the skin’s surface. You will immediately detect the quicker minimizing of fine lines, dullness, blemish marks, and dark spots.


Fuzz Free

DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE instantly reveals a smoother, more youthful complexion. Skin appears more toned because built-up debris and pesky peachy fuzz tends to dull one’s natural radiance. Removing pesky peach fuzz also removes unwanted shadows that sit on the face caused by facial hair. Removing peach fuzz automatically gives the face a chiseled appearance.

Plus your DERMAFLASH device is always at the ready to remove unwanted hair that pops up before a date night or special event.


Bye, Bye Muddy Makeup

Flashing is the essential first step in getting a fresh, even makeup application. DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE instantly reveals camera-ready skin, creating a flawless canvas for makeup. Removing dead skin, dirt, oil, and other gunk on the surface of the skin helps makeup look more natural, last longer, and appear dewier.

Foundation, concealer, bronzers and powders also blend more flawlessly. We find that our foundation (be it tinted moisturizer or something heavier) glides on better and looks seamless after we’ve flashed!

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