Why DERMAFLASH is The Ultimate Halloween Makeup Hack

Calling all fellow Halloween lovers!

Did you know that dermaplaning at home is not only a freaky-fast beauty treatment but also a crucial Halloween hack to getting—and setting—that festive makeup just right?

But don’t just take our word for it, we interviewed popular Chicago makeup artist and certified makeup instructor, Kim Lopez (also known in beauty circles as Makeup by Kaylo), to scoop up all the Halloween glamour goodies in her sweet bag of beauty tips and tricks.

So whether you’re going for goth or glam vibes this season, read below to learn why using your favorite DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE facial exfoliation device, is the trick and treat to prepping that creative Halloween makeup look.

Not to mention, there’s something undeniably satisfying about eliminating your skin of unwanted bacteria trapped in unwanted peach fuzz (talk about scary!) You feel us? If ever there was a holiday to FLASH your face—this is it!

Q: Why is a smooth, fuzz-free canvas necessary for creating a freaky flawless look this Halloween?

KL: A smooth base is essential to creating any makeup look any day of the year; but it’s especially important when creating a Halloween look where the application may be heavier and more products may be needed. When it comes to makeup artistry, your skin is your canvas, so having that flawless base will play a role in how the makeup applies, appears, and, ultimately, how well it lasts.

Q: Why do you think DERMAFLASH is a good idea for prepping your skin regardless if you’re going the pretty or prosthetic route for your Halloween makeup look?

KL: Prepping your skin with DERMAFLASH can help you achieve that perfect base so that your Halloween makeup vision can become a reality. Getting rid of dead skin and unwanted peach fuss is crucial for getting any flawless look. Regardless if you’re opting for glammed-out fall vibes, a sexy kitten look, or a sultry mermaid moment, exfoliating your face at-home with a safe, professional tool is a good way to keep your skin ready for makeup this Halloween and all year long.

Q: Awesome! Once we’ve Flashed, can you share a few tips for getting that perfect Halloween makeup application?

KL: The trick to accomplishing any fabulous Halloween look begins with the right skin prep! Once you’ve created that perfect base by ridding your skin of dead skin and unwanted hair, lightly apply a moisturizer. You can then add a primer to the skin to further improve skin texture and to allow makeup to glide on smoothly.

Next, even out your skin tone with foundation and begin having fun designing your Halloween look! Whether you’re painting on a sugar skull, mermaid, or a sinister witch look, don’t be scared to combine textures and finishes.

Accenting a makeup look with well-placed shimmers or glitter and pops of color will make the overall look stand out more!

You can add lashes, gems or latex wounds, and use dark and light shades to create structure. Once you have finished your look, use a setting powder to lock in cream products, and a setting mist to seal the look!

Do you have any Halloween hacks? Please share them below and as always give us a friendly follow at  @Dermaflash. We’d love to see what beauty looks you’re cooking up this October.

Kim Lopez is certified makeup artist and a professional instructor at London Eyes International Academy of Makeup in Rosemont and Oakbrook Terrace in Illinois.

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