It’s no secret that with technology and innovation comes great cultural shifts within our society. More people are using tech than ever, and pollution is on the rise. We may see environmental changes to be just that – environmental – but what about their effects on our skin? When it comes to skin care and maintaining a fresh, youthful look, there’s more at play than just the sun. You might even find that your anti-aging efforts are thwarted and your skin health suffers if you’re not considering these key problems:

Troubling Technology

Smart or Sinister? 

Can your smart phone really cause breakouts? The answer is yes. Especially if you spend hours conversing daily with its screen pressed to your face. After a while your phone will warm up, causing the pores on your face to open. This wouldn’t be a terrible thing if your phone was clean, but most are covered with bacteria. The makeup and other particles on your phone’s screen enter those pores and can aggravate skin.

The solution? Instead of talking directly into your phone, use a headset, speakerphone or ear buds with a microphone built into the cord. And don’t forget to clean your phone regularly!

Sleep Patterns  

It’s no surprise that smart phones keep us up late at night, whether we’re watching Netflix, texting a friend or Face Timing with our family. However, recent studies show that smart phones emit something called “blue light”, which causes the brain to think it’s morning. This causes users to have trouble falling asleep because the brain is ready to start another day rather than shut down. By extension, smartphone users are getting less sleep and we all know what that leads to – tired eyes, inflammation and tons of health issues.

The solution? Since the amount of sleep you get can truly affect the way your skin appears, try shutting off that phone an hour before you plan to fall asleep.

The Problem With Pollution

You may not be aware of the incredible armor you’re currently bearing. Your skin is at work 24/7 to protect you from harmful elements and pollution you come into contact with every day. Despite its great efforts to protect, that pollution can still be the cause of skin cancer, premature aging and uneven skin tones. One study even showed that women in large cities developed more dark spots and wrinkles than those in rural areas. Microscopic specs of smoke, soot, and other pollutants come from fires, construction and power plants and the tiny particles – up to 20 times smaller than pores – find their way through the deepest layers of skin. This causes inflammation, dehydration and a loss of elasticity.

What’s more, due to the state of the ozone layer your skin is more vulnerable to sun damage now than ever before.  Always apply SPF. Direct exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging and skin cancer. Over doing  “fun in the sun” can also cause and worsen conditions like hyperpigmentation and inflammation.

The sun isn’t the only natural irritant your skin combats. Harmful chemicals can also be found in the water supply of large cities, as well as household cleaners, pet dander, plants like poison ivy, fungi, pollens, bacteria, and laundry detergent. Even working in an air – conditioned office can cause your skin to become dehydrated.

The solution? Thankfully there are ways to combat the effects of pollution. Cleansing your face twice a day with a cleanser that’s full of antioxidants will flush tiny particles from pores. Gentle weekly exfoliation like that achieved with DERMAFLASH, combined with daily use of a toner, will also remove stubborn bacteria build up.

To combat sun damage and dehydration, make sure to apply SPF before you leave home each morning. Look for moisturizers containing SPF 30 with antioxidants and serums chock full of vitamin C to fight premature aging due to photo (or sun) damage. You can also apply a facial spray throughout the day to restore a hydrated balance to your skin.

It’s a scary world for skin out there, but the solutions aren’t hard to find – bookmark this post for the next time you need a refresher.