10 Makeup Ideas for Halloween—Made Better When You Flash

It’s never too early to start gearing for some fun Halloween beauty looks inspiration. This year we’re rounding up 10 awesome makeup ideas that are made better by flashing beforehand.

Remember DERMAFLASH LUXE removes stray hairs—especially that visible layer of peach fuzz that can be made more apparent under Halloween makeup (and makeup in general). Catch the rundown of our favorite halloween beauty looks and be inspired to create your own!


Superhero Stunner

Try using graphite makeup to accentuate the drama and those gorgeous features. This beautiful Wonder Woman Halloween makeup inspiration is so major we want to try this jaw-dropper on for size this year. Credit Glowsly and @withlove.nadia. Notice how this look has zero room for muddy makeup or a hair out of place. DERMAFLASH LUXE would help put the emphasis on your makeup, not pesky shadows from peach-fuzz. The look here is ultra defined so shave that face, ladies!

Ice Queen

Embrace your love of GOT with this glorious white-hot beauty look. BTW this crown is everything! It’s amazing what can be done with makeup, creativity and a dose of dermaplaning nowadays. Credit Glowsly and @beautsup

Shattered Beauty

This look is gorgeous and trippy. Define those cracks without unwanted hair landing on your focal range. Another bonus, this look allows you to keep your hair super simple if that’s more your vibe on Hallows Eve—leave the drama to that gorgeous face! Credit Glowsly and @theangelmakeup

Animal Instincts

Step into your inner wild child or live out your spirit animal dreams with this tigress inspired beauty look. Make sure your face matches the smooth texture of your décolletage by using our dermaplanning device before applying this halloween makeup inspiration. Credit Glowsly and @withlove.nadia

Tears of a Clown

With the movie IT making its latest revival, clowns will be on parade this halloween, but this one is simply to gorgeous to not warm up to. Make sure that canvas is super clean by using our exfoliation device to remove all unwanted hair before getting intricate with that makeup. Credit Glowsly and @noemisparkle

Pastel Pretty

With pastels being on trend, this one is suer fun to get creative with. Halloween is certainly a time where fashion meets utter creativity. Go wild on top of a clean, hair-free complexion. Credit Glowsly and @beautsoup

Moonbeam Goddess

Let metallic makeup truly shine on top of a fuzz-free face. Place the emphasis on color atop a polished canvas. Credit Glowsly and @beautyinthe_shadows

Melted Makeup

Have fun with texture, not uneven skin. We love this SFX makeup inspiration that’s this year’s new skeleton revival. Credit Glowsly and @giamariewaits

Sexy Kitten

This look never get’s old, especially when you can have fun with it in so many different ways. We love the addition of a blacked-out top lip—and the look of a flawless complexion. Credit Glowsly and @spookylilpeach

Pennywise Pretty

This look is the simplest of all of those featured here, but it’s equally as dramatic. If you’re stomped on time or makeup skills, try this one paired with a ruffled shirt for fashionable fright. Credit Glowsly and @michaelabachmann

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