6 Female Entrepreneurs Who Truly Inspire Us on International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day, Flash Squad!

We couldn’t be happier to celebrate amongst all the lovely women we know and admire this March 8th. To honor this special day, we’re recognizing six female-owned brands and the remarkable women behind them.

These amazing women-elected brands have truly transformed the way we connect with one another—raising our consciousness in the world of beauty, fashion and lifestyle—and creating opportunities for fellow women in all facets of business.

Dara Levy, The Visionary

This list would not be complete without our fearless CEO and founder, Dara Levy. We admire Dara’s ability to continuously innovate and persevere—launching DERMAFLASH after losing her first husband to cancer. Believing in the power of giving back, Dara became involved with organizations like Camp Kesem to provide nurturing for children who have parents battling the illness. While raising two young daughters, Dara launched DERMAFLASH LUXE to not only positively impact the lives of women through radiant skin, but to employ women on a national scale. Recognized as a leading inventor and beauty visionary, Dara continuously strives to bring the benefits of in-spa exfoliation via affordable, at-home dermaplaning women can perform at home.

View Dara’s heart-warming and motivating story here.

Kendra Scott, The Philanthropist

We’ve long admired Kendra Scott for not only revolutionizing modern jewelry with her namesake jewelry and lifestyle brand, Kendra Scott , but also for transforming the lives of others through the core pillars of fashion, family, and philanthropy. Launching Kendra Cares at the onset of her business, the brand has hosted more than 10,000 fundraising and awareness events—donating over $4.5 million dollars yearly to local and national causes. These same values are what make Kendra Scott one of the best places for women to work! (Image source: Kendra Scott)

View Kendra’s remarkably inspiring journey here.

Bobbi Brown, The Evolutionist

Recognized the world over as an iconic makeup artist and beauty mogul, Bobbi Brown pioneered the natural beauty trend by empowering women with a new set of beauty rules and tools—causing a beauty evolution. Today, Bobbi is applying her beloved beauty basic principles to the world of wellness with Evolution_18 and we honestly can’t get enough. We love Bobbi’s no-fuss approach to beauty from inside out, and can instantly recognize her trademark style in nurturing the mind, body and spirit. We admire her tenacity to always keep learning, educating, and evolving. (Image source: Evolution _18)

View Bobbi’s journey to making wellness more accessible and the importance of optimism here.

Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, The Revolutionaries

We love that two women from Harvard Business School, Jennifer Hyman and Jenny Fleiss, had a vision to design a dream closet in the clouds. Launching Rent The Runway, the two Jennifers made the proverbial fashion closet not only attainable to women everywhere but also sustainable as articles of clothing no longer catch dust in our closets. Cut to today, the company is completely revolutionizing the way women get dressed for just about every life-event, including work. Their mission of democratizing fashion has given women everywhere the newfound freedom of finding something to wear, always! In addition, RTR is demonstrating how invincible we are when we support one another. (Image source: Rent The Runway)

 View how Rent The Runway revolutionized the way we shop here.

Emily Weiss, The Communicator

We admire how Emily Weiss built Glossier by truly listening to her consumers and simply re-tooling how products are developed and sold. With communication at the heart of her business, Emily has reinvented the way beauty brands connect with their audience and has taught the industry that consumers stock the shelves, not the other way around. Today, Glossier is composed of over 77% women—and has a tech team of over 40 females. (Image source: Into the Gloss)

View how Emily redefined the beauty industry through the power of honest feedback here.

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla, The Advocates

Lauren Conrad and Hannah Skvarla created The Little Market, a fair trade, nonprofit organization, to allow artisans from around the world build better futures for themselves and their families. Now in its sixth year, The Little Market empowers women suffering from abuse, homelessness, and poverty to break the cycle through dignified jobs in the US and abroad. Recognizing the beauty and power in giving women the opportunity to help themselves, every sale helps transform the lives of the women who make them. We love how every thoughtfully designed product has its own unique story and honors time-honored traditions while preserving the beauty of hand craftsmanship. (Image source: Valorie Darling Photography for The Little Market)

View more about The Little Market’s inspiring message here and the brand’s origin here.




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