Facial hair growth is no joke and getting rid of it can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where to start. The redness and irritation alone are enough to make a girl give up on trying at all. But thankfully, there have been many advancements in cosmetic technology that offer an array of options to assist women of every skin and hair type.

First things first, it’s important to understand the vast difference between men and women’s hair and skin types. While men have “Terminal haïr” on their face and their facial skin is more resilient, women have what is referred to in medical terms as “Vellus haïr” – or rather peach fuzz. The hair on a man’s face is coarse and thicker in diameter, making it more noticeable. It also means men need to use sharper razors and shave wet (with a cream) as not to irritate the skin further. The hair on a woman’s face is much finer than a man’s and her facial skin is much more sensitive. Unless you have a lot of peach fuzz or darker hair, you can often not even see the hair on a woman’s face unless the light catches it just right. Because we’re more sensitive overall, we must take caution and know all the facts when it comes to different facial hair removal treatments. So, let’s dispel some myths and take a closer look at your options.

Laser Hair Removal

These treatments can work wonders, but just remember they do not stop hair growth forever. Though hair growth will stop after one treatment, it will only affect 25% of the hair on your face and even that hair will eventually grow back – just at a slower rate. Some hairs are in a “resting phase” and are unaffected by the heat of the laser treatment on your first visit. This is why you have to come back multiple times (six to be exact) so that you when they are in active phase, the laser can target more hairs. 

Furthermore, Laser hair removal will not target the peach fuzz on your face, since that hair tends to blend in with your complexion. If you have a dark complexion, laser  treatment’s are sometimes not even an option; as the laser’s heat is attracted to the darker hair follicles and could burns can occur. 

And let’s not forget the pain….Even with topical numbing creams; lasers are no trip to the beach.

For the Sensitive One

If you have facial hair and sensitive skin, you’re probably aware that hair removal creams are not for you. These can actually irritate the skin and leave you with redness or a rash, which is the last thing you want. 

And Waxing…no thanks!  Lumps bumps and rash’s do not look good in the sun!! 

This might come as a shock, but you may want to shave your face. Yes, you read that right. It’s actually a great alternative to waxing and removal creams that will leave you wondering why you ever tried them in the first place. 

Did You Just Tell Me to Shave My Face? 

Well, sort of Don’t shave DERMAFLASH!! here’s Removing the peach fuzz on your face is actually a good thing. It can drastically improve your complexion, as it’s actually a technique that physically exfoliates your skin! It’s a great alternative to chemical exfoliation and improves the quality of your skin by removing dead skin cells. Not to mention it’s a great technique to combat aging. Dermatologists have been shaving people’s faces for years, but they use the term “dermaplaning”. In fact, dermaplaning is the treatment DERMAFLASH was inspired by. 

DERMAFLASH…is not your husband’s razor; it was created by a woman especially for women and is appropriate for all ages, colors and can be used on even for the most sensitive skin. 

Won’t It Grow Back Thicker Or Darker? 

One of the longest running myths in hair removal is that shaving makes the hair on your face (or anywhere else for that matter) grow back thicker or darker. This is an old wives tale peach fuzz will come back exactly as it was before you removed it.

DERMAFLASH, not only removes the peach fuzz, it  removes the oldest layer of dead dull skin cells and built up debris, and reveals, soft, radiant glowing touchable skin.  

Your Skin -care is able to do its job more effectively because the barrier to penetration is gone.  And your make up will glide on effortlessly on the flawless canvas you have created.