Bridal Makeup Tips

Looking for a flawless makeup look on your wedding day? I’m here to help!

My name is Mindy Evans and I am a Chicago-based makeup artists who works on a lot of brides all year round.

The top request that I hear from bridal clients is that they want to look natural and glamorous on their wedding day. The best way to achieve this is to start with a smooth surface to avoid product from building up on facial hair or dead skin. This buildup is what causes the heavy, cakey look.

My top three recommendations for all brides are:

1) Focus on the marriage and enjoy the wedding day celebration!

2) Get as much sleep as possible and drink lots of water!

3) Use the DERMAFLASH device to reveal smooth, glowing skin.

Natural-looking makeup starts with smooth skin, and smooth skin starts with DERMAFLASH!

I start the DERMAFLASH process during the bridal makeup trial so that my clients can have the full benefits of properly flashed skin. They are then able to make sure that their serums, lotions and other facial products properly penetrate the skin, instead of resting on top of layers of dead skin and peach fuzz.

Proper use of products  will help avoid breakouts and other skin complications leading up to your big day. In my opinion, this is the most important step, and why I always encourage brides to flash their skin first!

I find that once my clients have their first flash, they are hooked! Bridesmaids and family members like getting in on the fun, too, and that is why we started offering day of flashing for the whole bridal party.

I love seeing the client reactions when they see and feel the difference for the first time, especially clients with wrinkles.

Vellus hair adds shadowing in sunken areas, especially wrinkles…this is part of why clients say that they look younger when using DERMAFLASH


Best of all, the difference is seen in person and in photos on all skin tones.

So whether you are hiring a professional or doing your own makeup for your wedding, why not start with smooth, glowing skin? It’s truly a win-win and my first recommendation to any bride-to-be.

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Mindy Evans

Author: Mindy Evans

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