Craft the Perfect Spa Day at Home with DERMAFLASH

Hello, Lovely Ladies! Are you craving some me time right about now? If the answer is a BIG YES, then read on because we’ve got some amazing tips for creating your own private spa getaway at home. With all of the advances in beauty technology, it’s easier than ever to design a personal spa day (or spa night) any day of the week.



Let’s begin with the benefits of dermaplaning. As The Flash Squad can attest, our DERMAFLASH LUXE is ideal for getting fresh, fuzz-free, smooth skin in minutes. There’s nothing more gratifying than removing dead skin cells and stubborn peach fuzz for an ultra clean and clearer complexion. Not to mention, using DERMAFLASH LUXE helps create an excellent base for skincare, makeup, and self-tanning products. Feel like you just stepped out of the spa without leaving your bathroom!


Detox Bath

Turn cleansing into a soothing experience with a detox bath powered by goop’s “The Martini”Emotional Detox Bath Soak. Relax and purge all the stress and bad emotions away, while relaxing those tired shoulders after a long day at your desk. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your detox bath to rid all the toxins.


Lounge in a Robe 

Nothing says spa day, or at least spa moment, than spending time in a luxurious robe. We love this softened linen robe by fellow Chicago entrepreneur Madly Wish. Her linens are just divine, and this kimono-style robe makes us feel like were on a permanent vacation.  A benefit of linen is that it adjusts to body temperature—keeping you cool in the summer months, and toasty warm when there’s a chill in the air.


Ionic Facial Steamer

Our next favorite thing to do is use Aera by Vanity Planet, an ionic facial steamer like no other. We love detoxifying and further cleansing our skin after a warm bath to extend our spa experience and prepare our skin to soak in all the benefits of our skincare. The smart nano-sized (read: professional grade) therapeutic steam that emits from this adorable little machine is mind blowing. I love using it after a long day, especially when my eyes are tired of being in front of the computer all day. Oh, and it’s a great decongestant, too!


Facial Massager 

Nothing is better for a tired face than a facial massage. We love Joanna Czech’s Facial Massager as a preventive and relaxing treatment that we can do at home to feel like we just stepped out of the spa. Follow this informative video to learn how to use and the relaxing benefits of each rolling movement designed for the entire face!


Finish it with an Eye Mask 

Complete your at-home spa experience with 111Skin Sub-Zero De-Puffing Eye Mask. We love the super cool touch to instantly reduce puffiness and dark circles. Stick to hydrogels around they eyes whenever possible for maximum relief from puffiness and to tackle all signs of fatigue. You’ll feel like you got a full 8 hours of sleep after masking with this!

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