In prep for her big closeup on QVC next Tuesday, Dara’s sharing her secrets to radiant, petal soft, and beautiful skin everyday.

First thing’s first, let’s talk about cleansing:

“I alternate my cleanser depending on the day. I love an oil based cleanser. Lately I have been experimenting with Asian brands. On full make up days I am obsessed with Clean It Zero by Banila – it removes everything and hydrates at the same time.

On light to no make-up days I love the Tatcha Pure cleansing oil. On days I am feeling particularly congested or in need of a truly deep cleanse I use my own DERMAFLASH Prep! I always finish off with Perricone Blue Plasma which acts as both a second cleanse and a toner….LOVE IT!!”

We know what’s next – time for a DERMAFLASH session to exfoliate, remove that peach fuzz, and create the smoothest canvas possible for TV makeup.

But before we even get to makeup – “I really mix it up with topicals. I never skip my Facial Essence by Sheseido, it is insanely fab. I am a Perricone junkie and switch my products up a lot. I am currently using a lot of his vitamin C products (brightening up for QVC!!) I love all of his eye creams and potions and currently obsessed with the OVM line. I am a HUGE fan of Josie Maran and LOVE her argan oil she puts it in everything. Tata Harper makes a great eye cream. I could go on and on and on…I am a full on skin care junkie!!”

Hope you are too!