DERMAFLASH’S Top Three Tips For Getting a Glowing Faux Tan

Happy Warm Weather, Flash Squad! Skin is officially in and since many of us are aware of the dangers of the sun, we thought we’d share some of DERMAFLASH’s favorite tips for getting a lasting, glamorous faux tan.


Face First

First, let’s focus on that beautiful face! Exfoliating dead skin and dry patches (especially from the previous long winter) is essential for getting a smooth, even tan. Remember our trusty #firstyouflash mantra as it will help self-tanner, and even your favorite tinted moisturizer SPF duo (hello DERMAPROTECT with UVA/UVB SPF 50+), glide on smoother.



Before applying your facial self-tanner, use DERMAFLASH LUXE to rid your skin of dry patches and unsightly facial hair to reveal a streak-free golden glow. We recommend using our dermaplaning device right before any facial self-tanner application to avoid blotchiness and uneven application. Try Coola’s Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum for natural looking tanned glow that looks super natural on all complexions.


Exfoliate All Over

Follow up by exfoliating all over to remove stubborn dry patches and create a clean, smooth canvas for a glowing application. We recommend using a dry brush like The Organic Pharmacy brush sold via goop  before getting in the shower. Next, use an all-over exfoliant like Full Body Exfoliant by Mave New York to rid pesky dead skin.

If a relaxing shower massage is more your vibe, try Vanity Planet’s Spin For Perfect Skin to gently exfoliate electronically to ensure dead skin is sloughed off away and the body is super clean before coating your skin with self-tanner.


Apply Self-Tanner

Lastly, apply a non-toxic self-tanner like Suntegrity’s 5-in-1 Natural Self Tanner via Detox Market. This self-tanner is infused with hydrating organic oils and nourishing vitamin E, while being non-toxic.  Further ensure an even golden tan by moisturizing your skin before applying self tanner, especially on the face.


Remember, exfoliating and moisturizing dry areas is key to a deep, glowing, long-lasting faux tan. Always use DERMAFLASH LUXE on the face before adding self-tanner for an even application and remember to wait at least 8 hours before showering to allow your faux tan to fully develop. To help maintain your tan, be sure to moisturize your skin and re-apply your self-tanner one to two times a week. And don’t forget to protect your skin with SPF before exposing it to the sun.

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