There is no doubt that dry, flaky, itchy skin is in dire need of hydration. Restoring a healthy barrier prevents the natural moisture in your skin cells from escaping. When your skin is dehydrated, you need all the moisture you can lock in.

Hot, steamy showers and baths are a no-no for dealing with dry skin. Stick to short, warm showers or quick baths that last up to 15 minutes maximum. The best time to apply body oils and creamy lotions is when you are finishing up your shower or bath when your skin is still moist. Cleanse with a detergent-free moisturizing body wash in the shower. Avoid using alcohol-based products, astringents or toners.

Sun and wind exposure are also among the common causes of dry skin, rough texture, chapping and flaking. Prevent further skin damage by staying out of the sun at peak hours and covering up exposed skin. When you’re on the slopes, the reflection from the white snow can be just as powerful as a day at the beach. Applying a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen is an absolute must. To prevent your delicate lips from peeling and splitting, use a lip balm with an SPF indoors and especially outdoors. 

Hands require extra attention because they are often exposed to the elements and may get immersed in water more frequently. Try to avoid washing your hands with hot water to avoid drying out your skin. Use a rich emollient hand cream every time you wash your hands, and reapply frequently throughout the day. Keep a mini size tube in your desk drawer and one in your makeup bag so you’re never without it. Look for ingredients like shea butter, petrolatum, glycerin, vitamin E oil, hyaluronic acid, aloe, and other skin soothers.  

It’s also a good idea to store some of your favorite creams in your nightstand so they are easily accessible to slather on your hands, neck, elbows, and any other dry areas before bedtime. Sleeping with a humidifier will also help to add moisture to dry air. If your feet and heels need extra help, use a generous coating of Vaseline® or Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream and wear socks to bed to wake with happy feet.

For facial skin that feels tight, DERMAFLASH can help to relieve that feeling by reducing the dead skin cell and debris buildup on your skin’s surface. Apply Soothe hydrating lotion immediately after to keep skin soft and supple. 

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