Female Start-Ups We Admire

Hello, Flash Squad! As you know, we love featuring fierce female founders on the blog, so today we’re highlighting a new roundup of smart women, and the clever businesses they created from the ground up!

Inspired by the upcoming Charlie’s Angels movie and strong independent women everywhere (we still love jamming to this DC classic), we’re breaking things off ‘angel style’ with six powerful innovators in beauty, fashion and home goods.


Mission: Bring the benefits of dermaplaning to all


Lady Who Launched: Dara Levy

Our founder, Dara launched DERMAFLASH in 2016 to help women deal with stubborn facial hair, and bring her expertise in exfoliation to the masses. After teaching her med spa clientele about the benefits of dermaplaning, Dara quickly began a global revolution to share her wisdom in facial shaving. Today, the cult-classic DERMAFLASH 2.0 LUXE, has received the beauty seal of approval from the likes of New Beauty, Allure, InStyle, and Violet Grey. Celebrities like Mandy Moore continually praise the benefits of our exfoliating device for removing pore-clogging debris to allow for better skincare absorption, smoother makeup application sans peach fuzz, and younger looking skin with every use.


Mission: Educate everyone on the power of the brow

Solution: Anastasia Beverly Hills

Lady Who Launched: Anastasia Soare

Eyebrow Queen Anastasia Soare, has literally ‘shaped’ the way women groom their brows since the 90’s.  Launching the latest tools and tricks for mastering a sculpted brow, her power duos take sparse shapes and turn them into fanned-out masterpieces. Ever the educator, Anastasia focuses on developing trust and helping women feel empowered to re-discover their individual brow shapes.


Mission: Develop the world’s most stylish, comfortable, and durable soft goods

Solution: Morrow Soft Goods

Ladies Who Launched: Founded by Stephanie Cleary and Michelle Toney, this LA-based textile company designs and produces dreamy, luxurious bedding to lull you to sleep while making a sustainable style statement in virtually every room. Each thoughtful design features global inspiration and exotic materials—such as the silky hair of a baby alpaca. Beloved by sites like GOOP, Morrow continues to revolutionize artisanal textiles for discerning sleep enthusiasts the globe over—while cultivating a cozy home built on fair trade.


Mission: Make good skin days accessible for everyone

Solution: Ere Perez

Lady Who Launched: Growing up in Mexico, Ere Perez has always recognized the healing power of natural, plant-based ingredients. Today Ere, based in Australia, has conceived a natural beauty and skincare line harnessing the power of plants, herbs, flowers, and oils to nourish, protect and enhance the skin. With devotees across the globe, her ability to originate formulations using the power of vegan ingredients such as dreamy oak milk get beauty lovers like us truly excited. One look at her very engaged audience, and you’ll want to discover this brilliant natural line, too!


Mission: Make modern everyday products for effortless styling and healthy, glowing hair

Solution: OUAI

Lady Who Launched: Conceived by celeb stylist du jour, Jen Atkins, OUAI literally helps slay every hair day with its award-winning, affordable array of shampoos, treatments and styling products. If you haven’t yet experienced any of Jen’s magical assortments, then we suggest you make your WAY over to her site ASAP. Jen’s transformative masks make shower time an experience—while exfoliating with the same expertise as DERMFLASH does for the skin. We’re in awe of the marvelous career of Jen Atkins and follow everything she does.


Mission: Design workwear bags that transition into everyday fashion staples

Solution: Holly & Tanager

Ladies Who Launch: Seeing a real need in the marketplace, founders Kathryn and Lindsey re-engineered the common workbag into versatile style statements recognized by the likes of WWD and Forbes. Built with a touchable utilitarian vibe, each thoughtful design upholds a polished, streamlined aesthetic that allows pieces to transform from day to night. Based in our hometown of Chicago, we admire H&T for designing signature pieces like the beloved Professional—a soft leathery backpack to suit all facets of the modern woman.

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