First You Flash, Then You Mask!

Hey, Flash Squad! In the mood for some self-care goodness? We know you are, that’s why we devised our edited list of the best face masks to use post-flashing. There’s nothing more soothing than removing peach fuzz and unwanted dead skin with DERMAFLASH LUXE, then enveloping your face in a nice compress of moisture.

We often get asked for masking recommendations post-flash, so we compiled some of the best all in one place. We love the modern convenience of smart DIY beauty, so we suggest customizing your at-home spa routine with any of these six DERMAFLASH-approved fan favorite any day of the week!


First on the list is FlashMasque by patchology. This ultimate thirst quencher works in just five minutes to deliver extreme moisture. In this digital age, facial fatigue is super pervasive, so we love cushioning our skin with these anytime of day. And because they’re enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5, they’re ideal for hydrating and sealing your skin’s natural moisture after dermaplaning all that dirt and debris away!


A K-Beauty favorite of ours is Oh K Beauty and their Bubble Sheet Mask . At just $4 a sheet mask, you can stack up to use every time you Flash! This genius mask reacts to the oxygen in the air to form tiny bubbles along your face to exfoliate where needed. Pairing our clinically proven exfoliating device with this mask delivers an immediate radiant complexion on a dime.


If luxe is in the budget, then we hands-down recommend La Mer’s The Treatment Lotion Hydrating Mask. This mask is our favorite on the J-Beauty circuit because it is full of La Mer’s famed The Treatment Lotion to deliver Japanese skin-hugging technology for concentrated, healing hydration. The plumping results are amazing. Getting married? Treat yourself to this mask post-flash for a gorgeous glowing complexion on the big day!

Another fave on the luxe list is SK-11 Facial Treatment Mask. Since our Sonic Edge Technology painlessly removes dead skin cells, built-up debris and peach fuzz—this cult-favorite mask conditions the skin post-treatment to further smoothen texture and impart an elevated moisture sensory experience. Countless 5-star reviews all say the splurge is worth it!


In the mood for Rose Gold? Try 111Skin’s Single Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask for a gorgeous luxurious experience coming out from our friends across the pond. This hydrogel mask is infused with 24K Gold and Damask Rose Extract for the ultimate luminous rosy glow post-flash.


Rounding out the list is a brand we can’t get enough of, Tatcha! Tatcha’s NEW Luminous Dewy Skin Mask is as stellar as the rest of the line and is mid-range in price point. This mask is designed to fit perfectly snug across your face and feels like a nice drink of water after removing the unwanted barrier of dead-skin post-flash. Add this to your dermaplaning regimen to penetrate in moisture and create a flawless canvas for makeup.

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