How to Prep Your Skin for the Fall

Hi, friends! As you read previously, we recently had fun editing some of this season’s top trends in beauty and now want to cast some light on properly prepping your skin for the fall season.

As many of our Flash Squad know and trust, using DERMAFLASH LUXE helps to instantly reveal your best skin, but we wanted to highlight more of the reasons why using all of our devices together works best. Read below to learn why dermaplaning, resurfacing, and refining are crucial steps in living your best skin life this fall.



Dermaplaning is the first step in prepping your skin for a change in season—especially when it comes to colder autumn temps. As we transition in climate, our complexion can become congested, clogged and even hold onto visible sun damage from prior months. DERMAFLASH LUXE is dermatologist recommended and proven to instantly smoothen your complexion, erase sun spots via superior exfoliation, remove pesky dry patches.

Many devotees use our dermplaning device to erase peach fuzz and unwanted hair, but our award-winning technology does so much more, at an attainable price.

Removing dry, patchy skin helps products seep into the skin so much better—allowing them to work as they should. You can also use our expert exfoliation device to remove dead skin cells to allow your makeup to go on better, without leaving behind a cake-y residue. Say good-bye to patchy skin around the forehead and nose, once and for all. Remember colder temps outdoors mixed with dry heat indoors can create uneven, and relentlessly dry areas. DERMAFLASH LUXE prevents build-up from forming to reveal youthful, glowing skin all season long.



Next, consider FLASH & GLOW for further exfoliation and brightening. Smooth out an uneven complexion, while also renewing pesky dry areas. Reveal a more youthful appearance with the help of glycolic and salicylic acids without irritation. Repeated use helps lines look less noticeable and skin tone appear more even. Use every-other day to help maintain youthful, balanced throughout the  chilly months ahead.

Best of all, these are pre-moistened pads so they are great for travel and adapt to any busy woman’s lifestyle. Use immediately after your DERMAFLASH treatment.



After removing the top layer of unwanted dead skin and build-up, it’s now time to deep clean your pores. Help your skin drink up some much needed moisture with DERMAPORE. Use DERMAPORE on the days you’re not using DERMAFLASH.

After long hot summer days and consistently dropping temps, it’s important to properly extract impurities that can be lingering underneath your skin’s top layer causing bacteria build-up and blemishes.

We created DERMAPORE, a specialized Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser to provide ultrasonic waves to unclog dirty pores and then allow your favorite serums to filter properly throughout the layers of your skin.

Our spa-level, 2-in-1 ultrasonic device quickly reveals a glowing, healthier complexion for soft, touchable even skin. Watch as whiteheads slowly extract from your pores and blemishes begin to clear up. We love using the serum infuser element right before bed to properly hydrate our skin and plump up fine lines.

Another benefit of DERMAPORE besides cleaning up dirt, oil, and blackheads, is that it’s gentle enough for even super sensitive skin to use.


Get excited with all that is possible throughout the DF collection. Start with this three-part protocol to begin reaping the skin rewards at the start of this delicious fall season.

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