Your skin can either age at a normal chronological rate (in which case you will look as old as you are), at an accelerated rate (in which case you will tend to look older than your chronological age), or at a decreased rate (in which case you may look younger than you really are).

Skin ages in two ways: Intrinsically and Extrinsically. Intrinsic aging is all of the things you can’t do anything about like genetics, ethnicity, and disease. Extrinsic or natural biological aging, on the other hand, is all the things you can control like how much time you spend in the sun, whether or not you smoke or drink, and how healthy your diet is. Heredity may prove to be overrated. Studies have shown that intrinsic factors account for only about 10 percent of skin aging, which means you are 90 percent in control of how your skin will age. That 90 percent depends largely on how you take care of your skin and the lifestyle choices you make.

What gives skin its aging appearance? It’s a combination of several factors that typically start to appear around age 30. By your mid 30s, your skin cells slow down and turn over more slowly. This can be accompanied by visible sun damage that begins to show on the skin’s surface in the form of brown spots, redness, and uneven skin tone. By your 40s, the signs of aging usually kick up into high gear. Lines and wrinkles start to show up and signs of loss of elasticity and sagging may be visible around the eyelids, around the mouth and jawline.


1. Uneven complexion

2. Enlarged pores

3. Broken capillaries

4. Dry rough patches

5. Loss of radiance

6. Pigmentation

7. Lines and wrinkles

8. Skin sagging

9. Sallow appearance

10. Hair growth

While we may not have control over our genetics, there are many environmental factors that accelerate the aging of the skin. We can control some of these through good skin care habits that can outsmart our genetic predisposition. If you take active steps early enough to prevent skin aging by sun avoidance and by supplementing the skin through active skincare, you can bypass the need for cosmetic surgery or at least delay it.

One of signs of skin aging that women complain about so often is a loss of radiance. Your skin may start to get dull and dry, and take on a sallow appearance. This is where DERMAFLASH comes in. After each DERMAFLASH exfoliating facial treatment, you can actually see changes in the look and feel of your skin. Our customers use words like, “transformational,” “glowing,” and “wow factor.” Exfoliating the skin’s surface gets your blood flow going which is vital for healthy skin. It also gets rid of dead skin cells, dirt and debris and excess oil that accumulates and contributes to a dull, rough complexion. As an added bonus, DERMAFLASH also helps keep vellus hair, also known as peach fuzz, under control with regular use.

Our take home message is that to get the best results from your skincare program, focus on the best ways to prevent aging of your skin, avoid daily sun exposure and pollutants that generate wrinkles, treat the wrinkles you already have, and maintain the results of cosmetic treatments you may undergo.

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