Introducing: DERMAPORE!

Say hello to DERMAPORE!

DERMAPORE is the newest 2-in-1 innovation from the DERMAFLASH team. This new, state of the art device, extracts excess oils and impurities from the pores and infuses your favorite serums and moisturizers even deeper into the skin.

For all you skincare tool lovin’ people out there- DERMAPORE is the perfect addition to your skincare regimen. Always begin your process the DERMAFLASH way, by Flashing first. DERMAPORE is the perfect follow up to the DERMAFLASH. After removing the top layer of skin and debris, your pores are more open, and easier to clear with the DERMAPORE Extract mode.

After extracting the impurities from your skin, Infuse mode will not only help infuse your favorite serums and moisturizers, but can also be used over your favorite sheet masks to help you get even more out of your products.

Say hello to even clearer, even smoother skin!

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