It’s Scorpio Season!

November is a very special month for all of us here at DERMAFLASH, mainly because it’s the shared birthday month of several of our beloved employees.

Our fearless founder Dara Levy celebrates her big day on November 13th, while our Senior Director of Marketing, Smita Kamath, rings in her birthday just one day after Dara on November 14th.

As if that weren’t enough excitement in one week, our social media coordinator, Jorie Fieldman, turns another year wiser on November 16th, as well.

Three birthdays in one week is reason enough for us to go all out with plenty of balloons and delicious cake in the office, year after year.

Wondering what makes a November baby so unique?

According to, “A Scorpio woman is ambitioushardworking and is usually successful in her life. More often than not, she has inborn leadership qualities, and loves (and often craves for) power. Determination, will power, and hard work are the pillars of the Scorpio female personality.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

It’s no wonder that three of our fiercest DERMAFLASH power players are all Scorpios! Dara, Jorie and Smita all work hard and play hard, and we are so grateful to have their infectious energy on our team.

Do you have any Scorpios in your life? Let us know if you think the above description is accurate in the comments below.

Wishing these leading ladies a very happy birthday!


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