Meet Micae. Meet Jorie. Meet Dara. Three lovely flashers share their experiences with DERMAFLASHing and how it makes them feel radiant!

What’s your favorite thing about your freshly flashed skin?

Micae – Being a woman of color, I didn’t think that I needed to remove the hair on my face as I never really noticed it. When I DERMAFLASHed my face for the first time, not only did a TON of hair come off, but my skin looked so refreshed. Not only that, but my makeup went on a lot smoother, brighter and I used a significantly less product, and my skin was radiant! (Didn’t need foundation, truly could have gotten away with just concealer.)

Jorie – My makeup goes on flawlessly after I DERMAFLASH my face!

Dara – OMG!! It never get’s old. Every time I DERMAFLASH I am always amazed at how soft and radiant my skin looks and feels!!

Did anyone notice the first time you flashed?

Micae – Absolutely! Several of my closest friends thought I paid top dollar at the the spa with a facial!

Jorie – Yes! All of my friends noticed that my skin was glowing!

Dara – I was an avid dermaplaner before I invented DERMAFLASH but literally EVERY time I DERMAFLASH people comment on how amazing my skin looks… I also find that I have to wear a lot less make-up which is wonderful.

What would you say to the nay-sayers, or those that are scared to try DERMAFLASH?

Micae – You have nothing to lose but the hair on your face and a less than stellar completion. The edge has a safety feature and it’s so easy and FAST!

Jorie – I would tell all of the people who are scared to try DERMAFLASH that there is nothing to be scared about! DERMAFLASH does not make your peach fuzz grow back any thicker, it makes your face so smooth, and gives you a natural glow!

Dara – Anything new can be intimidating and telling a woman to take a blade to her skin can seem scary. What is sooo important to realize is that DERMAFLASH is completely safe, gentle, and painless. DERMAFLASH was created for women by a woman. I invented something specifically for women to address the issues of exfoliation and hair removal at the same time. This is a skin changing solution that delivers immediate results in the comfort of your own home. It takes less then 10 minutes a week to reveal gorgeous, radiant, camera ready skin.

How does DERMAFLASH help you feel confident?

Micae – Dermaflash has allowed me to see that I don’t need as much coverage on my skin. It brings out the true beauty that’s hiding underneath all that peach fuzz!

Jorie – DERMAFLASH makes me feel more confident going out without makeup on and makes me feel beautiful!

Dara – The skin you want is lying just below the skin you see. When you remove the oldest layer of dead skin cells, built up debris and fluff on your face, you INSTANTLY reveal fresh, youthful, glowing skin. I sold over 6,000 dermaplaning treatments in my spa and realized an at-home solution did not exist. Every women would walk in looking dull and flat, and walk out glowing and smiling. DERMAFLASH reveals radiance you never knew you had and literally makes you feel beautiful. I feel DERMAFLASH empowers women by making them feel more beautiful when you feel beautiful you act more confident. When you act more confident you send a great message to the world and it has a snowball effect.

What’s your favorite time to DERMAFLASH? What’s the routine or technique that works best for you?

Micae – My favorite time to DERMAFLASH is right after a mani-pedi. That way, I stay on a schedule and have a total makeover every week!

Jorie – I like to DERMAFLASH after I take a shower on a Thursday or a Friday so I am fresh faced for the weekend!

Dara – When I DERMAFLASH varies. If I have an event or TV appearance I like to DERMAFLASH that day in the morning. I love the instant glow and how my makeup goes on and looks. But my favorite time to DERMAFLASH is on Sundays as part of my nightly routine. I love to DERMAFLASH before bed. “Soothe” glides on and does it’s hydration magic overnight. I often will pass a mirror the next morning and do a double take because my skin looks so fresh, dewy and radiant!!

How does DERMAFLASH compare to other hair removal or exfoliation techniques you’ve tried?

Micae – Dermaflash isn’t nearly as harsh as the chemicals in peels and micrcroderms. It’s like the organic non-GMO version of removing dead skin and hair!

Jorie – DERMAFLASH is actually the first form of hair removal and exfoliation that I have ever used on my face. I didn’t realize the benefits until I tried DERMAFLASH for the first time!

Dara – Well…I have tried everything from scrubs and invasive peels to threading and waxing. I LOVE DERMAFLASH because there is absolutely no downtime, it is gentle yet the results are astounding. I have found that my skin continues to improve every time I use the device. I personally do not really use other exfoliators because I feel I get all the exfoliation I need with DERMAFLASH. As far as hair removal methods such as laser, threading, or waxing, they can be painful and can also cause inflammation and downtime. DERMAFLASH is the only device on the market that simultaneously does both and has no downtime. Also the magic of DERMAFLASH is that unlike other skincare devices where you have to wait weeks to see results, DERMAFLASH offers instant gratification as results are immediate and visible after just one use!

What does it feel like to DERMAFLASH?

Micae – It feels like a smooth sensation from the vibration and a relief after the hair is gone!

Jorie – DERMAFLASH is completely painless and so easy to use. There is a slight vibration which is all I feel while DERMAFLASHING!

Dara – I’m biased, but I think it feels great, both invigorating and soothing at the same time. DERMAFLASH is inspired not only by dermaplaning but the majesty of the hummingbird. The hummingbird is my spirit animal. This bird is tiny yet mighty, and I created the device so our subtle sonic vibration mimics the flutter of the hummingbirds wings. Also the hummingbird is the only bird that can fly forwards backwards upside down or left to right. Just like DERMAFLASH!! So it is fun to use, feels great.

Would you tell your friends to try flashing?

Micae – I already have and they love it!

Jorie – I would absolutely tell my friends to try DERMAFLASHING! I have already turned a few of my friends onto the product!

Dara – My friends are ALL DERMAFLASHERS!! And so are their friends and so on and so on. Sharing the magic of DERMAFLASH with your friends is a gift!!

Do you like to flash before a big event?

Micae – Flashing before a big event is essential! It makes your makeup sit flawlessly on your face!

Jorie – I would absolutely DERMAFLASH before a big event, DERMAFLASH makes your skin look and feel flawless!

Dara – ALWAYS!!

Do you like DERMAFLASH for its exfoliation, or peach fuzz removal more?

Micae – All of the above! 🙂

Jorie – I like DERMAFLASH for the peach fuzz removal, but both the exfoliation and the removal of peach fuzz leaves you with beautiful results.

Dara – For me the two go hand in hand. I absolutely love having no peach fuzz but I am equally passionate about how soft and smooth my skin is after use. Lucky for me, DERMAFLASH simultaneously does both so I don’t need to choose. 🙂

The ladies have spoken! DERMAFLASHING is kind of a no-brainer, it’s instant gratification and leaves you looking flawless for days. If you have more questions, ask away on our Facebook or Insta!