Stress makes everything worse, including your breakouts, flushing, skin color and hair fullness. Feeling stressed also makes you less likely to make healthy choices, including washing your face regularly, taking off all traces of makeup before bedtime, and eating nutritious foods.

Finding something to help you relax you can really take the edge off. This may include meditation, deep breathing or even just going for a 20-minute walk in the middle of a crazy, hectic day.

DERMAFLASH founder Dara Levy is a huge proponent of a holistic approach to healing through yoga; “Yoga is one of the most popular ancient practices for good health and philosophies of Ayurveda. It works wonders for your soul and your wellbeing, which is why Yoga is an integral part of my regular beauty routine, along with exfoliating my face with DERMAFLASH of course.”

Practicing yoga on a regular basis helps improve and maintain overall optimal health and relieve stress. It is known to help keep diabetes, arthritis, back pain, high blood pressure, asthma and depression at bay. Some common women’s health issues, like the symptoms of menopause, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and menstrual disorders, can be improved.

Yoga is good for your internal health as well as your external beauty. It has a bevy of beauty benefits to offer. For example, Yoga can enhance your skin and your hair. It can even help you maintain your ideal body weight with regular practice. As it relaxes and strengthens your mind and body, you may find that you will sleep more restfully and have less headaches and neck pain too. Better sleep translates to less dark circles under your eyes, and less sleep creases from restlessness which can lead to deep wrinkles over time. Yoga also helps your flexibility and posture which keeps you stay looking youthful and vibrant.

Beauty Tip: Beauty through Yoga only works if you stick to a good balance of a healthy diet, fitness routine, and look after your skin.

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