Six Tips for Amazing Skin on The Big Day

A countdown to perfect wedding day skin with DERMAFLASH

Hello, Brides-to-Be! Wedding season officially kicks off in June so we wanted to launch this special month with a handy 6-step planning list to get perfect wedding day skin. Note, this trusty countdown works for any of life’s big moments so follow our suggestions, and happy celebrating!


Step One: Dermaplaning

Begin: Immediately

If you haven’t begun the life-changing beauty hack of dermaplaning, we suggest NOW is the ideal time! Looking your bridal best results in attention to detail, glowing skin, and flawless makeup. DERMAFLASH LUXE is a crucial step in helping you achieve all three.

Using our DERMAFLASH exfoliating device will help instantly remove dead skin, built up debris, and unclog your skin from pesky peach fuzz. Your skin will look more radiant and your makeup will look way more flawless. Say goodbye to distracting, unwanted hair and that muddy makeup look resulting from pesky facial hair.


Step Two: Eye Masking

Begin: Immediately

Since were focusing on skin, the eyes defiantly play a major role in looking and feeling rested. Thankfully, there’s an eye mask created for the big day and beyond. Tulasara Wedding Masque Eye Overnight by Aveda works as an ultra-rich mask to seal in moisture and impart a luminous finish to the under eye. The earlier you begin, the longer this tub of goodness gets to work!


Step Three: Schedule Beauty Appointments 

Begin: Work backwards from the wedding day

Take a look at your wedding month on a calendar and plan backwards to schedule all your beauty appointments from the jump. Remember the best beauty artists in your city get booked in advance so getting the right facialist and makeup artist (not to mention hairstylist) versed in working with your skin type can take some time. Schedule those dates in advance to guarantee your best skin. Beauty Tip: It is not recommended to start getting facials super close to the wedding day if you’ve never had them before to avoid unexpected reactions.


Step Four: Get Your Glow

Begin: 3 to 6 months out

As we mentioned above and in another story, proper exfoliation and trying out self tanners suited for your skin’s coloring increase your glow-appeal. Play with non-toxic faux tanners to decide which one works best and be sure to use DERMAFLASH LUXE before applying every time.


Step Five: Invest in Good Skincare

Begin: 6 months out

Visit Nordstrom, Sephora or a beauty mecca like CAP Beauty to seek out the best formulation for your skin type. Remember to conduct patch tests if you have extra sensitive skin and start with a new regimen no later than six months before the big day.


Step Six: Seek Out a Good Dermatologist 

Begin: Immediate to 8 months out

If you have skin issues like acne, be sure to get on the right protocol. The sooner you get on the appropriate plan or medication, the sooner your skin can look balanced and radiant for the special day.

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