The Importance of Sticking to a Pre and Post Flash Routine

Hi, Friends! Ready to rev up your beauty routine in time for fall? Scary that we just asked that, but the fall season IS around the corner! And as we all have experienced, transitional skin dryness and pesky skin changes are often extremely noticeable once the climate starts to shift with colder air.

But there is good news! You can pre-empt a multitude of skin issues by simply staying ahead of reactive seasonal skin changes with the help of DERMAFLASH.

So as we trade sandals for boots, start amping up the way you’ve been using our exfoliating device, or exfoliating in general, by following our three tricks for an optimal pre and post flashing experience. Exfoliating with your DF device not only provides a superior exfoliation compared to manual or chemical exfoliators, it removes dead skin cells at a maximum capacity for better product absorption and rids the skin of peach fuzz all-together.

Read on as we highlight some of the key reasons to stick to a multi-functional, pre and post flash routine when using DERMAFLASH LUXE to reveal smoother, younger looking skin.



Our relaxing face-shaving device professionally removes all fine hair and underlying gunk, but to get your DERMAFLASH LUXE to glide along the skin properly we recommend using our personally crafted PREFLASH. Designed to remove unwanted hair and dryness in the most gentle and effective way possible, adding it to your exfoliating treatment will properly prep your skin for an optimal ‘skin shave’.

We recommend the use of PREFLASH to increase the exfoliation power and anti-aging benefits of your DERMAFLASH LUXE. PREFLASH is specifically designed to remove all traces of oil and residual products before you FLASH. In fact, our cleanser leaves your skin feeling ultra clean to create the ultimate surface for your DERMAFLASH treatment. Using PREFLASH helps create the perfect canvas for facial skincare and flawless makeup application.



POSTLFASH helps replenish the skin, hydrating and balancing it after every flashing treatment. Using POSTFLASH in combination with your DERMAFLASH LUXE will help soothe your skin for optimum softness and glowing results. Adding POSTFLASH to your flashing routine will help make your anti-aging results even more visible.


First You Flash, Then Extract

DERMAFLASH devotees are also raving about our new DERMAPORE Pore Extractor & Serum Infuser. DERMAPORE is a unique 2-in-1 ultrasonic device that helps further unclog pores and infuse your favorite serums to instantly reveal a clearer, more glowing complexion. Ladies, this is an crucial step as dry, cold air approaches!

Reviews have been boasting about the game-changing sequence of first flashing, then extracting with DERMAPORE’s extraction mode, then following up with infusion mode to increase the efficacy of all skincare products! For the ultimate self-care moment, use the infuse mode over masks to help ingredients penetrate richly into the skin for quicker visible results and a luxuriously soothing experience. DERMAPORE extracts impurities from pores and infuses serums into the skin. Used in conjunction with DERMAFLASH, your skin is left to properly soak up the potency of ingredients thus increasing their effectiveness. Remember first you flash, then extract. We recommend using DERMAPORE to deep clean clogged pores (dirt, oil, blackheads, and whiteheads), enhances the penetration of active ingredients, deliver spa-quality treatments in privacy of your own home, and gently treat and soothe sensitive skin.

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